Mixtape - NASA - Whatever Remains

NASA - Whatever Remains

Discovering new talent is always hit and miss with today's wave of new artists. The right sound at the right time with the right image all play a huge part when looking to become a serious artist that fans should be checking for.

Hip Hop group, "We R Nasa" (Never Artificial Strictly Authentic), gives listeners a breathe of fresh air from every angle. Rather it be the smooth witty rhymes of Tan-z, or the rough edgy punchlines provided by Rock, the two cousins turned group members offset a new sound that bleeds longevity. 17 tracks deep, Whatever Remains, mixed and mastered by Grammy award winning Matt Hennessy, provides the groups already loyal fan base and new listeners with a soulful open look into the counties of Cook & Kane from a real perspective.

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2.What I'm On
3.The Lion
4.Cook and Kane
5.Change The Game Feat. Mr McGinnis
6.Friday Night Lights
7.Somebody I Used To Know
8.Smokin On That Killa
10.Evicted Heart
11.Bottle Life
12.I'm Gone
13.She A Boss Feat. Mr. McGinnis
14.Pumpin Bass
15.Shawty Got An Ass Feat. Skitz
16.Big Money Shit
17.Whatever Remains