[Medicine] Is this story about deadly medical marijuana in Colorado really true???

According to FOX ONLINE

New "Killer Weed"strikes terror into Colorado marijuana addicts.Thousands of Colorado marijuana addicts have been struck down by a new,more powerful strain of the drug which was introduced into the Denver pot shops earlier this week.The new strain of the drug,called "Purple Death"by addicts,was wildly popular among users and quickly lived up to its name.This variety of marijuana is over one hundred thousand times more potent than Hindu Kush,and has killed or sickened at least twenty two thousand Colorado marijuana addicts over the last week.Symptoms of the drug poisoning include but are not limited to:dizziness,nausea,vomiting,rectal bleeding,dry mouth,intense hunger,the mange,microphallus,vaginal blisters,and death.The Colorado state health department is overwhelmed and many patients have gone untreated.Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has declared a state disaster and has called out the National Guard to aid with disposal of the bodies.