T.I. Took A Swing at Mayweather & Get Into Massive Brawl At Las Vegas Fatburger (Video)

A video has surfaced capturing a brawl between world championship boxer, Floyd Mayweather, and rapper T.I., that occurred in a Fatburger on the Las Vegas Strip late Saturday night.
According to The New York Daily News, the Atlanta-based artist approached Mayweather in the restaurant, just a few blocks away from the MGM Grand hotel.
T.I. apparently started verbally abusing the boxer before the two began trading insults. A video was captured of Mayweather telling someone in the opposing entourage to, “Control your b*tch motherf*cker.”
The resulting brawl features its fair share of flying chairs and high-pitched screams, and while it’s difficult to make out the identity of any of the people involved, witnesses say that T.I. attempted to punch Mayweather at least once. It’s a bold move considering Mayweather remains undefeated in his 46 professional fights.
No arrests were made.

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