[Petition] Release Rene Lima-Marin!!

Release Rene Lima-Marin
Petitioning John W Suthers

Release Rene Lima-Marin

    1. Jasmine Lima-Marin
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      Aurora, CO
REHABILITATE means to help re-adapt, as to a former state of health or good repute.  The entire penal system was created to rehabilitate and restore individuals to be productive members of society.  My name is Jasmine Lima- Marin and my husband Rene Michael Lima- Marin was incarcerated in 1998 at the age of 19 and served 10 years of his 16 year sentence for robbery. He was released in April 2008 and was placed on parole which he successfully completed in April 2013.  

However in January 2014 the Arapahoe county courts district 18 determined that a clerical error had been made in my husband’s case and he was returned to the department of corrections to serve out an additional 90 years.  

During his six years of freedom Rene strived to be a productive member of society based on the skills and teachings learned during his rehabilitation. Based on his accomplishments he took full advantage of this second chance; we had a child in April 2010, purchased a home in April 2011, married in July 2013, he coached his step-son’s soccer team, mentored other youth to stay out of trouble, he mastered a trade as an apprentice glazier and maintained full time employment as he was the breadwinner of this family. I certainly do not want to make light of the mistakes that Rene made as a teenager however I do call into question the impending life sentence Rene and our family is now facing. 

Does a man that was formally released from the penal system, met all the conditions of this release, and seemly turned his life around deserve this type of justice? Are we as a society really willing to accept that a clerical error is enough justification to rip apart a family?  

I am asking for signatures and support to have the Attorney General John Suthers , Arapahoe County Chief Judge William Blair Sylvester, and Colorado Appeals Chief Judge Alan Loeb to release Rene from this unjust sentencing. I ask for this so he may return home where he can continue to be a tax paying model employee, an engaged and loving father and a supportive husband. 
Media inquiries please contact Appeals Law Group  http://www.AppealsLawGroup.com

John W Suthers, Attorney General
William Blair Sylvester, District Court Chief Judge
Alan Loeb, Chief Judge 
Release Rene Michael Lima-Marin
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