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The newest scam sweeping the net and social networks, specifically Instagram and Facebook is known as the Green Dot MoneyPak scam. Do not fall victim to those GET wealthy fast, quick money schemes. These scammers are out there preying on those that desperate for cash. They claim that they can  flip your $100 into $1,000 or $500 into $5,000 and so on. The victim usually will receive the following directions:
1)  Purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak card
2) Load the card with the ( $100, $300, $500 ,etc.. your choice)
3) Send them all of the card information…usually a scratch off PIN or code on the back of the card
Great! Your job is complete! Now they will do the rest of the work… Your card balance will miraculously increase ..Because somehow these guys added extra (ZEROS) to the amount you loaded it with. Your cash will be made available to you in just a few short hours.


What you’ll find yourself with is nothing  at all … a huge ZERO balance on your account.
This is 100% a SCAM.
The second you offer them that person your Green Dot MoneyPak code your cash will be transferred possibly via money gram into their own personal account and this can be an untraceable transaction Leaving you broke and feeling like a complete _____.
It really is extremely upsetting that these scammers succeeding at ripping off so many people. To most it would appear to be a no brainer I mean who would even acknowledge these thieves?  However unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Sadly we are living in desperate times MANY struggle with job loss, bills, debt  while other people  take advantage of those in need of cash. Educate yourselves and your beloved ones. It is so important to understand what these scammers area up to they’re always seeking new ways that to take advantage of the innocent. If we stay in the know we will always have the upper hand and can be less likely to fall for their fraudulence.
Keep your Green Dot MoneyPak card or any credit/debit card data to yourself treat it as money. I don’t think you would hand a stranger off the street $200 of your hard-earned cash would you?!
Keep a look out on social network sites for young men and girls that post pictures of them flashing tons of money, driving luxury cars (usually fake photos) and “living an excellent life”. These pictures are an attempt to lure you in.However what they do not and will not show you is how exactly they make their money! That money belongs to all or any those naive folks out there WHO we’re sadly conned for being uninformed and uneducated.
Here is a video from The Business Bureau (BBB) warning the general public and these scams!!