[Video] E-Reign the "Future of New York" hits hard and drops 5 videos!!

E-Reign - Magnet 
"Do the right thing, but do it better - be a Trendsetter." - E-Reign

E-Reign - Different
"It's about motivation not imitation ... always try a different angle." - E-Reign

E-Reign - My Word
E-Reign's "My Word" is a downtempo, subliminal trip into the three things that set him apart in the hip-hop world - meaning, motivation and mettle. "What happened to honesty and loyalty, the two fundamentals of life?" - E-Reign

E-Reign - Serious
"Our goal is have people relate to our raps ... making it easier to see what really is happening out there." - Tupac Shakur

E-Reign - Need More E-Reign's latest single, "Finger on It," is a positive, and introspective track that exemplifies the "Future of New York City" inspirational hip-hop.

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